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Order of magnitudes

So many of you will be familiar with the site as a result of the plugins and modules that I used to offer. Whilst I have restored the sites main content, at this point I have not yet restored the web-store. 

Whilst selling plugins and modules may seem a lucrative endeavour, the amount of resources required to develop and maintain the code is not trivial. The support request expectations for $3 plugins is often surprisingly unreasonable. The support ticket system takes a lot to maintain, especially when it is only me providing the support, and there are subscriptions to maintain, often costing orders of magnitudes more than the plugins actually bring in. All of this was okay when I had time to spare, but being relatively time poor (I work a LOT), there simply is not enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do.

So at this point I am not sure if I will reinstate the store. (I even toyed with the idea of not reinstating the site, but I came to the conclusion that I had too much of a soft spot for it and so it needed to live again). I have previously toyed with the idea of simply releasing all of the plugins for free, and this is probably the path that I will tread but for the time being I am happy to simply have the site back up and have somewhere to talk tech related garbage.

If you have interest in a particular module or plugin please let me know in the comments below.

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Recovering InnoDB tables from database files.

After a hiatus of several months the site is back up. The site was unfortunately victim to some script kiddies and fell under the scrutiny of my hosting provider. After a failed attempt to rewind to a previous backup, which turned out to be corrupt, I decided that rather than spend a bunch of time that I did not have spare trying to fix it, I would simply turn the server off and get back to it later. Of course I did not consider that 'later' may stretch to be several months but that's just the way it panned out to be.

So I finally got some free time and decided to take a look at getting the server back up and running. The original issue with the original server was that due to a kernal issue with the server itself, the backup service provided by my host generated corrupted backups, so reinstalling from a backup invariably led to a bricked server. I spent some time working with the host to get the server repaired and whilst I did get a server that I could SSL into I unfortunately did not get any further as the SQL service would not run due to toasted database files.

So with renewed enthusiasm to get the site back up the first thing I did was to create a new server instance. Might as well start afresh, especially with the kernel issue - a problem I did not want to walk back into. I then grabbed all of the database files from the original server which were located at /var/lib/mysql/"DB-Name"

MySql is great in that you can simply physically copy the files from one database to another and the database will become available, however there are some caveats to this. 

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Hiatus Haiku

A passage of time gone.

DeeEmm has been away from here.

Set to return soon.


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Ticket system back up and running

Apologies to those of you who have trie to access the ticket system and were unable to lodge new support tickets. Unfortunately there was a bug in the latest version of the Ticket System software that powers the support section of the site which caused an issue on the 'New Ticket' page. This issue has now been remedied. 

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New JomSocial and Hikashop Plugins

New JomSocial and Hikashop Plugins

I've been busy tidying up and publishing some of the plugins and extensions that I use across my sites. Most of the plugins are simple extensions for JomSocial that add a bit of extra functionality that is not included within the core but there are also a few for Hikashop and Virtuemart as well.

I still have some other extensions and components planned for release over the coming weeks / months and will release these as they are finalised and tested. Most are simple but there are also one or two fairly complex components that I may also decide to publish.

So far the following plugins are available for purchase within the webstore:


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