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{jcomments off}DMCMS.0.7.0.BETA is very nearly here. The files are finished and uploaded to SF.Net's servers but I just can't seem to add them to the download section.

It might be my dodgy wireless internet card :cry:

Hopefully I can finish the job when I get home later on.

The 0.7.0.Beta update is a major update from the previous version (hence it's jump from version 0.6.X to 0.7.X) practically all of the files have been changed. The changes are mostly to address problems with how the site is rendered in Internet Explorer. which for the most part I have not taken care of due to mostly developing in Firefox.

Hopefully now I have stopped alienating IE users by actually releasing something they can see/use the site traffic should go up and someone might actually join the forum.


All current bugs have been fixed in this version and some feature requests have also been incorporated. The main outstanding feature of user commenting has been postponed until a later release so that this release could be issued in a timely manner, work is already well underway on getting the next release finished.


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IE6 Display Issues

{jcomments off}It's just come to my attention that there are a few issues for Internet Explorer 6 users. This is mainly that the drop down menus do not work. A fix is being worked on at the moment, it will hopefully be ready for the 0.6.5 release this week.


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IE6 Display Issues Fixed

{jcomments off}The IE6 display issued have been traced to a simple spelling mistake (actually incorrect case on one character in a javascript function). The site has been updated but the fix will not be available until the release of version 0.6.5.beta.

Work on 0.6.5.beta is currently progressing at a very fast rate, it is anticipated that it will be ready by the end of this week. Both the site and the demo site have been updated to the latest development ;evel.

The Demo site is now also using the DMCMS template. There are still some issues to sort out with the template (mostly relating to IE6 not being able to correctly display PNG transparency) these will be addressed before the 0.6.5.beta release.

For those of you who cannot wait until then for the IE6 drop down menu bugfix - simply make sure the term 'sfhover' is all lower case in the following files - /templates/.../banner.tpl & /templates/.../css/default.css

Also, for those who cannot wait for the rest of 0.6.5.beta - all current changes are commited to the CVS repository - so you can checkout your own version.



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