Pragmatism in code

Pragmatism in code

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Order of magnitudes

So many of you will be familiar with the site as a result of the plugins and modules that I used to offer. Whilst I have restored the sites main content, at this point I have not yet restored the web-store. 

Whilst selling plugins and modules may seem a lucrative endeavour, the amount of resources required to develop and maintain the code is not trivial. The support request expectations for $3 plugins is often surprisingly unreasonable. The support ticket system takes a lot to maintain, especially when it is only me providing the support, and there are subscriptions to maintain, often costing orders of magnitudes more than the plugins actually bring in. All of this was okay when I had time to spare, but being relatively time poor (I work a LOT), there simply is not enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do.

So at this point I am not sure if I will reinstate the store. (I even toyed with the idea of not reinstating the site, but I came to the conclusion that I had too much of a soft spot for it and so it needed to live again). I have previously toyed with the idea of simply releasing all of the plugins for free, and this is probably the path that I will tread but for the time being I am happy to simply have the site back up and have somewhere to talk tech related garbage.

If you have interest in a particular module or plugin please let me know in the comments below.

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New JomSocial and Hikashop Plugins

New JomSocial and Hikashop Plugins

I've been busy tidying up and publishing some of the plugins and extensions that I use across my sites. Most of the plugins are simple extensions for JomSocial that add a bit of extra functionality that is not included within the core but there are also a few for Hikashop and Virtuemart as well.

I still have some other extensions and components planned for release over the coming weeks / months and will release these as they are finalised and tested. Most are simple but there are also one or two fairly complex components that I may also decide to publish.

So far the following plugins are available for purchase within the webstore:


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Webstore Now Open

We are please to announce that our online store is now live.

At present we are in the process of uploading all of our modifications to the new store, so some products may not be visible yet, but we hope to have this completed within the next day or so.

We have added support the PayPal payment gateway, so it is possible to purchase products using either your PayPal account or credit card via the PayPal website. We may expand the supported gateways in the future to include additional providers, so if you have specific requirements or wish to suggest a particular solution, please feel free to leave us a suggestion.

Will keep you updated of the progress.

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