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P38 Touch screen media player - Part 2


Following on from P38 Touch screen media player - Part 1 the Raspi touch screen arrived a week or so ago and I've been itching to see if it fits. I did a quick offer-up when it arrived and it looked as though it might be a bit small, so I've been keen to find out.

Tonight I removed the old screen and installed the new one. Unfortunately my suspicions were correct - the new screen is not tall enough and so leaves a gap at the top / bottom. The issue is simply that screen aspect ratios have changed since the P38 was a current model. The old 4:3 aspect ratio has now been superceded by 16:9, or wide screen / letterbox aspect. The result is that it is like looking at a widescreen movie on an old TV - you get a black stripe at the top and bottom of the screen - or in this case a gap.

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