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Software, reputation and Virtuemart

Software, reputation and Virtuemart

It's been a while now since I last posted about my experience with VirtueMart, but a recent update caused me to have several issues with the PayPal payment gateway.

The recent official 2.0.26x releases included an 'improvement' to the PayPal payment gateway, an update that unfortunately was not sufficiently tested and resulted in normally successful PayPal transactions not being completed but being marked as pending instead. The issue relates to a check that was introduced for the merchant email address.

My investigations unearthed the root cause of the problem - a check that compares the merchant email against the paypal receiver email.


The problem arises when your PayPal account has several registered email addresses, the business email response returns the primary email that is registered with PayPal, if like me, you use several email addresses for several sites on the same PayPal account you will find that invariably the business address will differ from the email address stored as the merchant email address in the VirtueMart payment plugin and the transaction will appear to fail.

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