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Un-bricking a Sonoff S20


A while ago I invested in a bunch of home automation stuff to augment my Google home. I opted on the Sonoff devices as they are by far the best value and also come with Aussie compatible plugs and sockets. Unfortunately one of the units was DOA.

In a bid to try and resuscitate the device I decided to have a go at re-flashing the firmware with the updated Tasmota firmware. The Tasmota firmware is a third party developed firmware that adds a bunch of features to Sonoff devices, including removing some communications limitations. This last feature is one that I'm particularly interested in installing into some other 4.22mhz transmitters so that they become more usable (communications are very limited in the Ewelink app), so this initial experiment to see if the firmware upgrade works is a bit of a test. If all goes well I'll look to update my other Sonoff devices.

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