Pragmatism in code

This is one of those issues that has annoyed the heck out of most Dolphin users, and one that has been put in the 'too hard basket' by the dolphin devs.

The 'fix', however, is pretty easy.

Just a bit of background info - one of the reasons given for not fixing the issue is that it is too hard to determine which photos should be displayed and which should not. well I would like to call big fat bullshit on that one - if you can determine that you have to display a bug blue padlock, you can certainly determine that it does not have to be displayed at all.

The following fix is simply a hack - all we do is hide the div that contains the nasty blue padlock. This means that the code still gets processed as before - there are no extra overheads, it will not adversely affect your site. And, although this is not the most elegant way of achieving this, the actual solution still involves more or less the same amount of processing. To note - a better way might be to add an admin setting to allow users to select to display it / hide it.

Anyway, here it is...



Find the following


class="sys_file_search_unit bx_videos_search_unit"

change it to


class="sys_file_search_unit bx_videos_search_unit" style="display:none !important"


Job Done. Easy. Quick. Painless.


You can also do the same to the videos section as well by editing



If you are suffering from spammers repeatedly joining up from the same email domains, this mod will help stop this.

It's a quick and dirty mod that compares the email address submitted via the join form against a list of banned domains. If the submitted email matches an entry in the list, the standard 'please enter correct email' message will be displayed, preventing the join form from being submitted.

Create a file called validate_email.php and add the following info. Save it in your webroot. Be sure to add additional domains as required.

$is_valid = false;
//banned email domains
$banned_domains = array(

$email_domain = explode('@',$arg0);

foreach ($banned_domains as $domain) {
if ($email_domain[1] == $domain) {
$is_valid = false;
} else {
$is_valid = (bool) preg_match('/^([a-z0-9\+\_\-\.]+)@([a-z0-9\+\_\-\.]+)$/i', $arg0);

Next go to the profile builder

in admin > builders > profile > email > advanced > check


return (bool) preg_match('/^([a-z0-9\+\_\-\.]+)@([a-z0-9\+\_\-\.]+)$/i', $arg0);


include ('validate_email.php');

return $is_valid;

Save the change.

Now test the mod out by trying to join up using one of the banned email domains.

Job done :)


If you use Ilbello Del Web's excellent Spywall mod, you might have noticed that when people subscribe to a users wall feed, the link that gets sent in the email notifying you of a new wall post points to the Boonex Wall module.

To change this link to point at the users profile, make the following change.

Edit modules/boonex/wall/classes/BxWallModule.php


'ViewLink' => BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . $this->_oConfig->getBaseUri()  . 'index/' . $aProfileInfo['NickName']

Change it to

'ViewLink' => BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . $aProfileInfo['NickName']

Enjoy :)

If, like me you get tired of seeing an activity feed that is full of "profile blah viewed by guest" type messages, the fix is very easy.

Edit modules/boonex/spy/BxSpyProfilesActivity.php

Look for the following code

case 'view' :
if($iSenderId != $iRecipientId) {                    

Replace it with

case 'view' :
if($iSenderId != $iRecipientId && $iSenderId != 0) {

That's it!!



If you would like to add some extra info to the 'Contact Us' page, such as an address, or a phone number, then the following mod will be of help.

Edit contact.php

Search for

'submit' => array(
'type' => 'submit',
'name' => 'do_submit',
'value' => _t('_Submit'),

Then add underneath

'address' => array(
'type' => 'value',
'caption' => 'Postal Address',
'value' => 'DeeEmm Web Technologies. PO Box 2105, Hilton Plaza, Adelaide, SA 5033',

Obviously you will need to change the details to suit your site.