Pragmatism in code

Do the subscribe links at the top of the blog page annoy they heck out of you, well they did me. 

You can easily get rid of them by disabling site-wide subscriptions and RSS in the backend but that also has the undesired side effect of breaking the RSS links for your site.

So what about if you want to still keep RSS enabled but do not want the ugly links showing? Well that's pretty easy to fix. All you need to do is hide it via the magick of CSS.

Here's how...

Assuming that you are still calling the default template, using your favourite editor open the following file


At the end of the file add the following line

#ezblog-head .component-links.float-r{display:none !important}

This will hide the links from view but still allow you to serve RSS feeds by providing the direct link. On I do this by the use of a custom html module at the top of the right column. Of course you can choose to do this however you wish.