About DeeEmm

DeeEmm is simply a coding pseudonym. It’s the phonetic spelling of the letters ‘DM’.

What does it mean? Those who know, know.

About DeeEmm.com

This web-log started off being mostly about code related stuff, a place to share tutorials and CMS extensions. Over the years the site has evolved to include other different types of content. Much of that content is still tech related, but there is also a smattering of random stuff too. I guess you could call it eclectic-tech or maybe just techlectic for short.

About Me

I am DeeEmm AKA Michael Percy.

I am an Electrical Engineer majoring in industrial automation and controls. I spent many years working in the manufacturing industry as an automation specialist, creating, developing and installing automation equipment and machinery for clients ranging from Audi to Zinifex. This included programming industrial robots, PLC’s, SCADA, HMI’s and integrating various other technologies. At times I worked in projects that were at the forefront of the technology of the time, for instance machine vision, laser scanning and machine learning; technologies that only now are becoming more widely developed. This work took me all over the world and eventually to Australia, where I decided to stay.

I now run a small manufacturing business out of a workshop in my back yard, having turned what was a hobby into a business. ‘Living the dream’ as they say. :D

I still code, but today it is only for fun.

Paying it forwards

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Garage Culture

What I do

I make aftermarket performance parts for vintage Volkswagens.
This is kinda cool as it combines two of my hobbies: classic cars and making stuff.
Joe Blow Superchargers