This is a quick and dirty hack to add some text to the footer of the PDF's generated within Joomla. The library used to generate the PDF's is the open source TCPDF library - To add code into the footer of the generated PDF's, you will need to edit the following file:


Find the following code in the footer() function

//Print page number
if ($this->rtl) {
$this->Cell(0, $footer_height, $pagenumtxt, 'T', 0, 'L');
} else {
$this->Cell(0, $footer_height, $pagenumtxt, 'T', 0, 'R');


Underneath it add the following code - replacing the text with your own

                //DeeEmm footer text hack
                $this->Cell(0, 10, '', 0, 0, 'C');

Hey presto - you now have additional text in your footer