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I've just ported my 'Auto Friend on Join' plugin across to EasySocial.

This plugin will automatically create a friend for new users on registration much like 'Tom' on MySpace.

You can select which member will automatically be assigned as a friend by setting their userid in the plugins administration settings.

You can also optionally post a message to the stream.

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Regular visitors may recall some time ago I took a look into the upcoming EasySocial community software component for Joomla. At that time I decided to hold off from migrating any of my sites across as EasySocial was very new and its feature-set was not directly comparable with JomSocial, the platform that I usually use. EasySocial has had some time to mature and now some 18 months down the track those missing features have now been added so I have taken the plunge and migrated one of my live sites from JomSocial across to EasySocial.

EasySocial has matured nicely, its feature-set has grown and the attention to detail that StackIdeas is known for is in full effect and easily seen when using it. I think that it is a comparable product to JomSocial and whilst it may still be missing a video component and perhaps some of the polish that you find with JomSocial it excels in many areas which is a massive accomplishment for what is still in essence still a relatively new product. With new features being added all of the time I personally think that EasySocial will surpass JomSocial within a few releases.

My decision to migrate has not been without a few issues. The actual migration from JomSocial to EasySocial was a straightforward and easy process but I have had a number of bugs and technical issues to deal with getting things to work the way I want them to. Fortunately the support that StackIdeas provide is first rate with solutions being given in as little as 8 minutes (an actual solution provided to me today). The StackIdeas team really do take their work seriously and make a massive effort to ensure that you get the support you need which is a big plus for anyone wanting to migrate.

What this also means is that I now have a live platform from which to develop plugins and extensions for EasySocial. My first offering is a map module to show the local events in your area - EasySocial Event Map Module. As usual the module is offered for a knock-down affordable price and suppport is provided by the online ticket system right here on the site. My plan is to port the extensions that I have already released for JomSocial across to work on the EasySocial platform and maybe develop some more ideas that I have been considering for my site.

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If you are a JomSocial user and want to add the ability to upload video to your site you will probably be aware thaat you need to use the ffmpeg and flvtool2 libraries to handle the video conversion tasks. Unfortunately ffmpeg and flvtools are no longer supplied with newer versions of Ubuntu as they has now been replaced by avtools. 

There are a couple of ways around this, including compiling ffmpeg from source. Compiling from source is not straightforward, especially when you consider that some of the dependencies are also no longer available to the current Ubuntu version. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of precompiled binaries from third party repos.

First step is to include the repository address in your sources list

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media

If you find that at this point you get an error saying command not recognised you can install the 'apt-add-repository' as part of the software-properties package as follows:

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We're still here!

Haven't posted anything to the blog for a while and recently received a message asking if the site was still maintained. Well just to let any new visitors know - YES - we are very much still here. All plugins are still available and are still covered by the same unlimited support that they have always been. So, if you were unsure on whether to purchase that plugin, rest assured that all plugins are still guaranteed to work or your money back!



I recently had a bit of a schoolboy moment and accidentally deleted a database table whilst making some changes to the site. No problem I thought. The site is automatically backed up every day, all I need to do is restore from a backup.

So off I went to my VPS control panel and duly went about restoring the previous backup. Wow that was easy and would have made a pretty boring blog post had that been the end of it. Whilst is WAS easy it was unfortunately not good. Several of the tables were corrupt and needed to be fixed.

Repairing tables is usually pretty easy - just go to phpMyAdmin and use the built in tools. Unfortunately this is not possible when you have corrupt tables as MySQL may not start, which means no phpMyAdmin. So what to do?

You can try logging into MySQL via the command prompt and issuing a

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Apologies to those of you who have trie to access the ticket system and were unable to lodge new support tickets. Unfortunately there was a bug in the latest version of the Ticket System software that powers the support section of the site which caused an issue on the 'New Ticket' page. This issue has now been remedied. 


I've been busy tidying up and publishing some of the plugins and extensions that I use across my sites. Most of the plugins are simple extensions for JomSocial that add a bit of extra functionality that is not included within the core but there are also a few for Hikashop and Virtuemart as well.

I still have some other extensions and components planned for release over the coming weeks / months and will release these as they are finalised and tested. Most are simple but there are also one or two fairly complex components that I may also decide to publish.

So far the following plugins are available for purchase within the webstore:


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I've been a proponent of Mac and OSX for some time now having been attracted to its simplicity and the 'it just works' way that it operates but since the Mavericks update some things simply don't work. The biggest issue that I have found is that apples newly written USB drivers will not connect to my Arduino, a major PITA when it comes to uploading a new program. The solution is to disable the OSX drivers and install the OEM version which worked for me and seems to work in 95% of cases. Why Apple have decided to move away from the chipsets manufacturers drivers I will never know although I suspect that it may be due to an incompatibility that causes Kernel Panics as I have personally experienced these since moving to the OEM drivers. This is fairly repeatable - hold down the Arduino reset button whilst uploading the program and your machine will likely go into an involuntary and instant reboot. The solution is of course simply not to hold down the reset button but as this is a common hack to get the program to upload you may have to suffer a few missed uploads instead. Not a massive issue, at least I can now communicate with the arduino again.

The most recent issue to hit me as a potential result of Mavericks is that sent email messages seem to disappear into the ether instead of appearing in the sent box as they should. This issue only recently came to light when I needed to find some previous correspondence. For reliability and ease of management I use a hosted exchange server to handle my work emails and OSX Mail as my mail client. What I found was that the last sent message in my sent folder was dated December 2013, the previous correspondence I was looking for was nowhere to be seen. I also checked the exchange OWA browser client but after looking there I also found that there were no recent sent mail messages stored.

After a short call with the exchange tech who advised me to use a client that they supported - namely outlook 2010 - he advised that the issue appeared to be related to the Mavericks update. For some reason the outgoing server had been changed - there were now two exchange outgoing servers in the server list. I changed the outgoing server to the other exchange server listed and sent a test message. Viola! the message was saved in the sent messages folder.

I'm not sure why or how the second outgoing server was added, It's definitely nothing that I have consciously done as the exchange account has not been altered since it was setup in 2010, additionally no one else uses this machine. I can only assume that as the tech  suggested it is related to the mavericks update as the last email date roughly coincides with the date that I updated. Of course I am happy to concede that it could be due to some other unrelated reason but knowing that I did not create the second outgoing server makes me wonder how it got there.

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Ive used Paul Irish's excellent infinte scroll on a number of projects before but recently found that I was having issues with ending the scrolling after the last items was retrieved on Hikashop. The issue is due to Joomla's error handling - instead of  returning a 404 'page not found' error response it returns a normal page ok response (200) - it can do this intentionally when it provides a useful user defined 404 error page but can also do this unintentionally as in this case. This behavior is commonly known as a soft 404.

As infinite scroll relies on a 404 error being returned when there are no more pages to stop further processing, the net result is that the scrolling keeps on going. Not a massive issue but one that results in an annoying animated icon appearing when you scroll past the end of the page.

In my opinion this is not necessarily the best way of detecting the 'end of the internets' as it assumes that the 404 error means there are no more pages. I'm sure we all know what assumptions usually lead to. By far the best way to determine if there is no more data is to check the actual data itself.

I initially tried looking at the length of the data returned but found that this was not really suitable as it contained the entire page and was really hard to separate the parts that I required although this is possibly due to my lack of javascript skills more than anything else. After some testing I found that instead of looking at the data length looking at the length of the child elements returned was the way to go. I this way I could detect when no more data was present.

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It's been a while now since I last posted about my experience with VirtueMart, but a recent update caused me to have several issues with the PayPal payment gateway.

The recent official 2.0.26x releases included an 'improvement' to the PayPal payment gateway, an update that unfortunately was not sufficiently tested and resulted in normally successful PayPal transactions not being completed but being marked as pending instead. The issue relates to a check that was introduced for the merchant email address.

My investigations unearthed the root cause of the problem - a check that compares the merchant email against the paypal receiver email.


The problem arises when your PayPal account has several registered email addresses, the business email response returns the primary email that is registered with PayPal, if like me, you use several email addresses for several sites on the same PayPal account you will find that invariably the business address will differ from the email address stored as the merchant email address in the VirtueMart payment plugin and the transaction will appear to fail.

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A while ago I switched to using zohomail for the email handling on a number of sites that I run. Zohomail is a nice alternative to hotmail or gmail and is also free for a limited number of users which makes it perfect when you just need to add a contact method to a website or just need something to process user messages.

I had previously been running zohomail under the SMTP service on my Joomla installs as I do not have sendmail installed. I find that it's simply too much to maintain and that SMTP is much simpler. Unfortunately for some reason whilst updating one of my sites the SMTP function simply stopped working and no amount of googling could give me an answer. So unperturbed I decided to engineer an alternative to the native Joomla SMTP functionality. After a bit of research and stumbling across Emanuel Tessores excellent article I decided to give MSMTP a shot

MSMTP is a very simple and easy to use smtp client with excellent sendmail compatibility. It can be used to in place of sendmail to allow you to send emails via a third party SMTP server such as zoho, gmail or hotmail. Installation and setup is relatively straightforward being installable via apt-get via the following command

sudo apt-get install msmtp

Once installed you need to create two files; a configuration file for the email server details that you wish to connect to and a log file to record each mail transaction. You can do this by using the commands below

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If you are familiar with Stack Ideas products, such as the blogging component that you are reading from right now EasyBlog, you might have noticed that on their site they have been promoting a soon to be released social networking component called EasySocial. I first noticed this a few weeks back and I must admit I got a bit excited. Not one to usually get emotional over such things, the idea of a social networking component written by the excellent Stack Ideas team definitely has appeal.

I have a love / hate relationship with most extension vendors and products but my experience with Stack Ideas has been great, the support is excellent, the products are intuitive and of the best quality, and what's more they just work. No fuss, no hacking, no convoluted setup, they work with the minimum of fuss and continue to do so. So when I received an email that there would be a webcast on the upcoming EasySocial, I signed up right away. 

Watching the webcast last night I was blown away by the quality of component. There has been a years worth of development so far and there are still features that are being held back for the next release (Boonex please take note). The component includes many ideas and suggestions from the Stack Ideas user base and whilst it was said that the component was not designed to specifically compete against JomSocial, it certainly raises the bar. 

In many respects it is similar in functionality to JomSocial, it follows the standard format for social networking components - that of a facebookesque type of site with an activity wall, profile pages, messaging capabilities, etc. Where it differs is how these components have been executed, it's the fine details that really set it apart. There is a liberal use of AJAX for all functions resulting in what appears to be a very nice user experience, the interface also appears to be very intuitive, although this is obviously hard to really get a feel for from just watching on a webcast.

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Just been putting a site together on the new JomSocial version 3. One of the first things I always do (as you should) is create a new template - a clone of the original one. This way I can hack away at creating the site and develop the template as I go along without changing the default.

Changing the style of elements by CSS is a pretty normal act and one that I prefer to do with the original CSS and not by overrides as is always suggested by vendors. Normally I use Coda to de-minify any minified CSS and then re-minify it once I have finished. For some reason I was hitting a few issues when de-minifying the standard templates style.css file, it seemed to be replacing any reference to images with an ASCII reference instead of the path and filename data. Guessing that this must be due to the method used to compress the file (something other than the normal whitespace stripper) I went on a hunt to find out what was up with the new CSS file format.

Not finding too much I stumbled across This Post which simply suggests that the CSS files should not be modified but does not say how they were compressed and how to de-minify them. It does however give a clue - 'use less compiler'.

So I goggled 'useless compiler' and came across the http://lesscss.org/ website. I say 'useless' with my tongue in my cheek, for on the first page there is a bit of a breakdown showing some examples, one is the use of variables.

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This was the error I was recently faced with when I re-enabled user registrations here on the DeeEmm site.

You may recall from my last blog post Virtuemart Revisited that I have recently re-installed Virtuemart so that I can sell some extensions via a store front right here on the site. As part of my testing I run through the usual user experience to check that things work as they should and found that after registering a user, confirming the account and then being enabled by an administrator the 'You cannot access the private section of this site.' message was displayed and the new user could not log in.

Hmmnnn, not good. 

So I check the ACL to ensure that the 'registered' user level has login access to the site. All good there so that isn't the issue. I then turn to Google to see what that turns up and find that most of the solutions given relate to the ACL permissions.

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Over time I have gone through various stages of selling mods and extensions and somehow every time have ended up vowing never to do it again. I think in retrospect this has mostly this has been due to the piracy that seems to go hand in hand with the web extension community and the frustration that you get when you get your hard work ripped off by some snotty little script kiddy. In every case, the mods and extensions that I have written have ended up being released open source and for free. In fact these same mods and extensions are still available on the downloads page. 

As you can see by the date on most of those items, it has been a few years since I have actively developed stuff for a wider audience. Most of the stuff I wrote was for the Boonex Dolphin platform, and whilst I ended up moving away from Dolphin to Joomla and JomSocial I never bothered to release any of the modifications, plugins and extensions that I had written for my sites on the Joomla / JomSocial platform.

Recently I have been developing some interesting things and have been toying with the idea of releasing them for sale, I also have the Dolphin to JomSocial migrator that I have up until now not made available to the public. So with a renewed interest in once again selling mods and extensions but this time for the Joomla / JomSocial platform I decided to put a recent plugin that I wrote up for sale.

The plugin is a simple extension for JomSocial that automatically adds new members to a JomSocial group. I wrote this simply because the only available version that I could find to purchase required an expensive 3 month subscription purchase to download. Something as simple as this is not worth the $30  subscription price that was being asked so I decided it would be better/cheaper/easier write my own. Having written it I could also see an opportunity to sell it to others who wanted the plugin but did not want to cough up the subscription for just one extension.

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Having moved all of my sites to the Excellent Digital Ocean hosting I noticed that on some sites the php mail function seemed to be painfully slow and in some cases threw up some error messages telling me that it had failed. Googling didn't turn up too much in the way of solutions, most information seemed to suggest that the sendmail or postfix packages be installed instead.

Whilst sendmail and postfix are both great solutions, I did not really want to install a fully fledged mail server on my box as all email handling for my domains is handled on a separate server. It seemed like too much of a waste of resources so I decided to simply fix the issue with the php mail() function. 

After doing a bit of digging I discovered that the issue lay with the hosts file. The host info was incorrect.

Editing the hosts file is pretty easy to do, but first you will need to know what the current hostname is set to. To do this simply type in the following command at the command prompt

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A while back I was working on a project that allowed replication of an instance of Joomla. The reason for this was that I have a couple of sites that are set up as SaaS applications. Rather than use the traditional method of selling access to multiple user accounts on a single site I needed to provide complete anonymity between users. The nature of these apps were that all data is private and for me the best way to manage both the segregation and anonymity was to provide completely separate sites for each user. 

I wanted to use a basic site as a template and then replicate it for each user. This meant replicating both the physical files and the database information for each subsequent user.

I had previously used JMS multisites but had found the component to be a bit overly complicated and limiting when used in a commercial capacity as licenses were required for each replication. It also did not do exactly what I required. I did have a look at modifying the code to do what I wanted but in the end my solution was to simply write my own component.

For my setup I required that each instance had it's own subdomain, but that users could log in from the main domain. Each instance was also created from creating a subscription on the main domain.

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I've deleted a bunch of old user accounts that were either never enabled or never revisited the site after being enabled. In the very highly unlikely possibility that you had an account and find that it has been deleted you will need to rejoin.

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The downloads section is now back up and running. 

All available downloads can now be downloaded without having to log in or become a member.

If there are any missing downloads or broken links please let me know


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Been busy today tidying up the site. I've been meaning to get around to finishing off a few things, namely the poor cataloguing of the tutorials section and reinstatement of the downloads section which unfortunately broke during the last site update.

I've changed the tutorials section so that it runs off of the excellent SectionX from StackIdeas. I had perviously used SectionX on a few 1.5 sites and was very disappointed that it was never updated it for later Joomla versions. In the end I migrated the tutorials across to EasyBlog, but it was never quite the same.

Whilst recently updating a clients site I was pretty stoked to find that SectionX had been updated to work with the current Joomla versions. Great news! So I have installed it and re-enabled the old tutorials. All I need to do now is to go through the blogs and migrate any new posts back across to being a Joomla article. Stack Ideas offer a free plugin that claims to do this so I will give it a go and see what happens.

One thing that I will need to revisit is commenting for articles in the tutorials section. This was being handled by EasyBlog but will now have to managed by something like Komento. (another StackIdeas product).

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