Got the front suspension kinda mounted up. I welded on the front spring hangers and made up some keeper plates for the U-Bolts. I did a bit of a test fit (even though I didn't get to finish the rear hangers) it looks pretty good and also looks like the axle line is higher than the centre of the chassis, which is great as it means that I can mount the rear axle above the chassis to help get the C of G down lower.

To mount the springs up I had to fabricate some eyelet bushes. I decided to make these from some rubber radiator hose and a metal spacer. It's not the most elegant of solutions, but should work okay. If I come across some urethane bar stock I'll make some new ones but I recon these will do just fine.

I need to make up some steel spacers to weld into the chassis rail to take the rear spring hanger pivot bolts. The rear spring hangers need to be bolted in relatively tightly as any play will result in the spring flopping around and a loose front axle. Given that this is 1930's technology we are playing with, it can use all of the help it can get. Handling is expected to be poor at best.

The rear spring hangers have been cut, I just need to profile the ends and drill a couple of holes, then that's it for the front suspension.