Worked up the enthusiasm to do something for the cyclekart project this evening.image

I've been selling off some stuff to try and clear some space in the garage. One of the main aims was to clear enough space to get the cyclekart chassis up on some trestles and get the motor mounting and rear axle sorted out. So tonight I managed to clear enough space to get the chassis up and at a nice height to work on.

With the chassis up in the air, I offered the engine and rear drive sprocket up on the chassis only to realise that the rear cross brace is in the way. I will probably have to remove, move or modify the rear cross brace on the chassis as it clashes with the drive sprocket. This is as a result of using a slightly shorter chassis rail than the plans specified. I did this so that I could get two side rails from the standard length of RHS.

It's no big drama really. I've still got plenty of welding on do on the chassis as I need to make and weld in the remainder of the cross bracing for the floor and underside so I will figure something out for the rear section.

I also think I need to get a side profile of my tribute car sorted out so that I can scale the dimensions and figure out where I need to put the bulkheads and top cowl support loops. Getting the proportions right is going to be important.

But whilst talking and thinking about what I need to do is all very well, I still need to find the time to actually do some work proper. The only actual work I did tonight was to flip the bearings in their holders so that the collars were on the 'outside'.

Hopefully now that I have it in a position where I can actually do some work I will now be able to grab the odd hour here and there and make some progress.