Did a bit more on the cyclekart yesterday. Managed to get the front wheels fitted up. I made up some 20mm spacers on the lathe to space the wheel out a little from the pivot so that the hub did not bind when the wheels were turned. I also had to add a spacer to the outside of the wheel as the bolts I used were a little too long. I pressed the new bearings into the hubs and mounted the wheels up.

I checked the steering range, which seems fine, although I will lose a little of this when it is finally connected up. Next is to finalise the rear axle location so that I can determine the correct ackermann angle for the steering arm geometry.

I also took delivery of the 6mm broach that I ordered. This is for broaching the keyways into the rear hubs. Now I have no excuses not to get the rear axle finished (although I've actually ordered some different bearings image ).

Also spent a bit of time trying to figure out the correct dimensions and proportions for the layout. I'm about 80% with that.

The kids showed a bit of interest too, which was cool. I think that now it has some wheels on it and it's on the stands they can visualise it a bit better. They were both keen to try it out. I'll also confess that I did too image