With it's inception way back in 2004, DMCMS was originally developed for my personal website. Written in PHP and MySQL, it was aimed at being a simple content management system with no frills that could easily handle the management of a small site. Over the years it has been modified and updated a number of times, and is still in use in a number of places.

With the advent of social interactivity on the web, the lack of user registration and management, and the lack of any interactivity tools have pretty much made DMCMS redundant. Whilst the management of non user based sites is still required, there are much better tools out there for the job, and with the advent of Web2 technologies, DMCMS also now looks very dated.

Whilst there was an update in the pipeline, with AJAX calls to streamline the admin interface, this has remained little more than half finished for the past year or so. Work on other projects has simple meant that there is no time to finish it.

So to make room for other stuff, and clean up the site a little, I've decided to let a few things go - one them being DMCMS.

Although legacy versions will not be available, and support no longer provided, you can find the demo and download links for the last release below.

Goodbye DMCMS.

dmodmcms.jpg dldmcms.jpg