If you are new to Joomla / JomSocial there are a few handy things to know...

Joomla 'Modules' are similar to Dolphin 'Blocks' you can change module types
and positions in the admin panel. Modules are available for many extensions to
help display data FROM the extension on your site. eg latest forum posts.

Module positions are set in the template. To view available module positions
you can add the following to the end of the URL ?tp=1 You will need to also
enable this in the template for the module positions to be displayed.

Menus are also controlled by modules, so to add a menu you need to add a menu module to
the relevent module position. Check out the standard modules to get an idea of
how they work. This means you can have multiple menus.

Extensions are similar to dolphin modules. You can search for extensions in the
'JED' (Joomla Extensions Directory). Most Jooma extensions are free.
Make sure you select extensions that are compatible with your installation
version. Also, read the comments as they most often give a good idea of the
provenance of the extension.

As JomSocial is a joomla extension, to get other extensions to interact with it,
it might be necessary to install plugins. So when looking for extension, check
to see if they are JomSocial compatible.

For example. Installing the kunena JomSocial plugin allows the kunena posts to
be included in the JomSocial activity feed.

To install an component / extension.

1/ Log INTO the admin control panel at http://yoursite.com/administrator
2/ Browse to extensions > extension manager
3/ Click the 'choose file' button in the 'upload package file' section,
4/ Browse to the extension package (it should be a zip file)
5/ Hit 'upload & install' button

The Extension will automagically be installed.

Check the 'Components' menu as there should now be a link to administrate your new component.

If the installation fails it will tell you with an error message.