The following requirements need to be met in order for a successful installation

1/ Backup your Boonex Dolphin files and MySQL database
2/ Download Joomla.
3/ Download JomSocial extension
4/ [Optional] Download JomComment extension (user comments for content - not needed for blogs / forum)
5/ [Optional] Download Kunena extension (user forums)
6/ [Optional] Download Akeeba extension (backup management)
7/ [Optional] Download Stack Ideas EasyBlog extension (blogs)

Please check the compatibility article to ensure that you use the correct versions.

We recommended that you consider installing the AKEEBA Backup extension to manage taking
backups of your site. This can also be automated by the use of a cron job.

If you intend to migrate your forums you will need to install the KUNENA
extension. This is a mature forum that fully integrates with JomSocial and is
comparable in features and operation with phpBB or SMF

The Stack Ideas EasyBlog extension is a very capable blog component. As with some of the other components, it is not free, but worth the small amount it costs.