{jcomments off}Latest offerings for the upcoming release is a better method of integration for 3rd party web applications (forums, wikis, etc. etc...). The current method using the phpBB integration file has been changed and will be known under a more generic name.

The basic method of useage is the same - the integration files is called from within the 3rd party application, the relevent DMCMS bits are created and then assigned to a local variable allowing the DMCMS parts (header and/or footer) to be seamlessly stitched into the 3rd party app.

It may be necessary to modify the 3rd party app so that the DMCMS header / footer replaces existing logos etc, but this is entirely down to you.

I revisited this a short time ago due to wanting to add the site footer onto the bottom of the forum, I've since revisited integration again as I have now included the DMWiki.

The new files will be available after the 0.8.0.Beta release as some updated files are required to make the new method of integration work.