Interest in DMCMS has slowly been building over the past few months. This increased interest has been reflected in the number of downloads that we have been seeing. Last month saw a total of 142 downloads, bringing the all time total to 405.

The 0.7.0.beta release has now been bug free for the past month, with no user submitted bugs or developer bugs being reported within this time.

Progress on 0.8.0.beta has been made, with improvements added for the search engine and the translation functions. The things to do page shows the current outstanding tasks needed to be acheived before 0.8.0.beta hits the streets.

0.7.0.beta upgrade

I have been considering upgrading the 0.7.0.beta release to Release Candidate 1. It is stable with no known bugs, but obviouosly lacks the additional functionality offered with the upcoming 0.8.0.beta release - namely the user management / commenting system.

Suggestions Please

With version 0.8.0.beta fastly approaching or perhaps even 0.7.0.beta being promoted to version 1, it is time to make your suggestions and feature requests known. There has been very little input from users so far and so we would like to encourage users to get involved and join the forum, to make suggestions and to post critisiscms that you have with the software.

As ever, we would like to remind everyone that DMCMS is still in it's beta stage so if you have tried DMCMS and have not found it to your liking, why not tell us why. Without your feedback we cannot develop DMCMS into the tool that YOU want.