I recently discovered a Pocket PC PHP server called PocketHPH. PocketHPH is available from MobileLeap and runs on various platforms including the WM5 that my JasJam runs. Also included is SQLite3 support to allow you to run dabase based php developments.

You might wonder what use running a server on your Mobile phone would be, from my point of view it could allow me to work on DeeEmm CMS development whilst on the road without needing to take a laptop with me, although I'm not sure that it would run in it's current configuration.

Currently I have it loaded up and am using it so that I can test the output of DeeEmm CMS on a mobile device whilst configuring the mobile css file.

Pocket HPH is free for non commercial use.

You can download it from http://mobileleap.net/hph/

Whilst on the subject of programs for Windows Mobile 5 I should also mention a few other apps that I find invaluable.

Minimo is a miniture version of Mozilla that is far better than the Internet Explorer that came with my JasJam. Amongst other things it includes tabbed browsing.

Minimo is available free for downbload from http://www.mozilla.org/projects/minimo

If you require a decent file explorer then look no further than Total Commander. Total Commander  also includes Zip / Ftp / Registry support as well as all the usual functions expected from a file management program.

Total Commander is available as freeware from http://www.ghisler.com/ce.htm

World Card Mobile is a text recognition program that uses your phones camera to capture and then convert business cards using OCR so that the information can be added into your phones contacts. It captures all ledgible info and automatically recognises the different fields on the card - for instance it will prefill name, address, phone, email, position, company name info without any user intervention. Once the info has been reviewed you simply need to press a button and the info is automatically added to your contacts.

World Card Mobile is available from PenPower Technology and costs $24.95

You can download a 30 day trial of WorldCard Mobile from http://store.penpowerinc.com/mobile.html

For programing on a normal PC I use Ultraedit Studio, for programming on my JasJam I use CEdit. CEdit is a programmers editor with syntax highlighting (surprisingly useful on a small device), function listing (very useful to navigate large programs) and the usual cut / paste / jump to line type stuff.

CEdit Costs a mere $1.95  and is available as a trial version from  http://www.logicalsky.com/Product_CEdit.htm