Regular readers would remember my look into IDE's / Programming Editors for the Linux platform from the last post. My main reason for this was to try and find something to replace Ultraedit Studio which has been my weapon of choice for coding for the past 7 or 8 years. Well, I've possibly found a better alternative - running Ultraedit 'natively' on Linux!

No, unfortunately IDM have not decided to port UE for Linux (although more on that below...), I have discovered Wine. Wine is an application layer that allows Windoze applications to run on Linux by allowing access to dll files.

The Wine website has an application database that lists applications tested with Wine, this ranges from applications like UEdit to PC based games. There are several entries listed for Ultraedit - namely different versions. There are some reports that ftp functionality does not work or is limited but generally it appears that Ultraedit functions fine. The Database entry can be viewed HERE and the Wine Home page can be viewed HERE

Installation of Wine in Ubuntu is easy - simply choose Wine in the Synaptic Package Manager. Wine is also available for other flavours of linux, with installation options to suit each.

After installing Wine, you will now need to download a copy of Ultraedit to your linux box. I've chosen to download and install Ultraedit Studio. Installation involves setting the exe file to open with Wine - this can be easily done by right clicking on the file and choosing 'open with other application'.

A bit of a tip - I found that if I chose the custom installation it would fall over trying to register wodCertificate.dll - wheras choosing the typical installation had no problems.

After the Installation process has been run you should now have a working copy of Ultraedit.

If you don't like the appearance you can install theme files but general reports of these are that they do have an effect an performance. THIS thread over at 'Linux for Designers' shows how you can modify the registry settings within Wine to change it's appearance to something a little easier on the eyes.

Whilst on the topic of Linux for Designers - I noticed a link there to IEs 4 Linux a packaged installation allowing Internet Explorer 5, 6 and 7 to be run under Wine in Linux (and also OSX). Testing under IE 6 and 7 is a must for web developers (and some would argue testing under IE5 is also a necessity), Under windows XP I used to use IEolas to run IE6 alongside IE7 for testing, but this stopped working with the introduction of Vista.

The IEs 4 Linux package is easily installed by following the instructions HERE - Internet Explorer 5 and 6 can be installed by checking the checkboxes on the installer dialog that appears - if you want to install IE7 you will also need to click the advanced button and select the checkbox there as well.


UPDATE!! 2007-12-28 13:08:47

After a little googling and came across THIS thread over at the Ultraedit Forums - Check the post by penntapp near the bottom of the page. It would appear that a Linux version is currently being worked on for realease in late 2008.

This is great news!! (As you can see I've already offered my services as a beta tester)