The site migration is pretty much finished, with just a few small odds and ends to fix up. One of the things that I have left to do is to add in some re-directions for the old content. When moving content it is always a good idea to redirect visitors to the new location with a 403 error response to the users browser. This will in turn be trawled by the web crawlers and your new location duly noted. As the old content locations followed the navigation structure of the old site code, I can add in one or two rules in my htaccess file using mod_rewrite and regex to redirect users from specific areas of the old site.

You may have noticed that the new site no longer runs from DMCMS, and whilst I do feel more than a little guilty about this, I simply did not have the time to integrate shopping carts, trouble ticket systems, forums and user handling into the DMCMS core. It was much quicker and easier to use existing products. Plus, the idea with DMCMS is that it is a simple and easy to use CMS, so integration of additional third party software does not fit with the idea behind it.

The online store is now up and running, although there is currently only one product (DMCMS) this is just for testing purposes. I will add in the premium mods as I develop them. All mods are instantly downloadable on checkout. There are one or two mods for Dolphin 7 already in the works, with more planned to come.Purchasers of premium mods also get access to the helpdesk system for dedicated support.

There are free mods available from the Resources > Tutorial section, this is basically the 'How To' section from the old site, that has now been categorized, I will add hints and tips here as I get time. There are a bunch of mods I developed for Dolphin 6 that I need to convert into proper mod format. My ultimate idea is to strike a balance between free mods and paid mods.

Long term visitors will remember that we used to run PHPBB forums here a few years back, but these were closed down due to spammers (there were more spammers than users - lol). Well, we now have new forums, both for the support of DMCMS, and also for supporting the mod community and the products and services we offer here on If you would like to see a particular category considered, just let me know.

One of the best new features, and the main feature for DMCMS version 8, is comments. If you check below this post, you now have the ability to leave me a reply, this is something that I should have added to the site years ago, as my ramblings would probably have been made a little more interesting with the input of others. So, don't be shy - leave a reply ;)

There's still other stuff to do, the demo site still needs to be put back up and running and the links pages need to be transferred, which I will hopefully be tackling over the next few days. If there are any articles missing, or info that you cannot find, please let me know and i will track them down for you.