Whilst surfing the other day I stumbled across iJoomer an iPhone that connects to the joomla platform. Being a recent iPhone convert, and an avocate for Joomla / JomSocial I decided to check it out.

To work with your site, there is both a plugin to install and also a small code modification that needs to be made to two files. The code mod is relatively straightforward, and just involves adding a line of code to each file. With the plugin installed, and the mod done, you can test the application out by downloading it from the app store. Simply search for iJoomer.

Out of the box, the app is configured to connect to the iJoomer demo site. You can easily join the site and test out it's abilities all from the app. I initially did this, whilst checking what was happening on the site from my laptop browser before installing it on my own site. To connect to your own site simply choose settings from the log in screen and add the url of your site.

First impressions are that the app is very well thought out, and much more intuitive and functional than it's nearest rival, the 'oo' app offered by Boonex. The biggest difference between the two apps, is that the iJoomer app reports all wall activity, and with the latest JomSocial update, this even includes comments and 'likes'. It is also possible to add comments or like wall posts right from within the app itself. This is one massive failing of the Dolphin platform, decent wall functionality has to be added as a third party application, and so there is no support for it from within the iPhone app, but even so, the Boonex version does not even report the basic wall stream that is included by default, an epic fail in my opinion. Especially when you consider that it is this activity stream that has become the cornerstone for all social sites.

Other areas where the iJoomer app shines is the ability to upload video - something that appears to be missing in the Boonex offering, likewise there is no way to create photo galleries in the Dolphin app, a massive flaw when you want to add images whilst out and about - pretty much the main reason for having an iPhone app in the first place.

The one thing that the Dolphin iPhone app has in it's favour is that the main screen looks a little more polished and has a better layout, with iPhone style finger sized icons. But as usual, this is just the usual Boonex offering with something that looks very good, but lacks functionality.

Apart from functionality, the other main difference is price. To rebrand the iJoomer app is a one time payment of $199, whereas the oo app from Boonex requires a 'Prime' subscription of $998, and whilst this does include other aspects such as an unlimited license and one months worth of support, im my opinion is not worth the money, especially when you consider that an unlimited license is only $99.

My personal verdict. Yet another reason to favour Joomla / JomSocial over Boonex Dolphin.