After a lot of indecision of what type of printer to build I found the this thread for RichRaps 3DR delta format printer and was instantly hooked.

I like the elegance of the 3DR compared to the normal XYZ cartesian style printers. Its hidden drives and concealed workings make for a much more visually appealing printer. It's something that I would be happy to have sit on my desk at home, although I think I might not choose the harlequin color scheme that RichRap has :lol: .

I also like the fact that the printer is designed to be easily expandable in size by simply adding some spacers to the existing base and top parts, the design is really ingenious and well thought out

My plan is to order the electronic parts that I need to build the printer and whilst I am waiting for these to arrive print out the 3D printed parts that I need. Fortunately I have access to a 3D printer so I will be making good use of this over the next week or so.

I might deviate a little from the original design as I do not really like the 3D printed connectors that connect the end joints to the arms. I will likely make these from non 3D-printed parts - Threaded plastic or aluminum tube seems like a better solution. I know that this is not really in the spirit of RepRap but that's just my personal preference.

My first step is to review the Bill of Materials and get together a list of parts that I need to order.


Here's list of links to relevant build files and materials I will update this as things progress.

RichRap build Part 1 -

RichRap build part 2 -

Github repository -

Github direct download link (master zipball) -

Bill of Materials

This is a work in progress. I will try to piece together a more detailed BOM with sources as I go. This will likely list that stuff that I choose to use and may / may not be suitable for your build due to availability / etc. Rich Raps original BOM can be found at end of post


3 x Bosch Rexroth 20mm extrusion (length 480mm) NOTE See this post RE alternative profiles.
3 x 2m spectra line or similar (I'm using KMART 'sport fisher' brand of braided line which is 50lb)
6 x LM6UU linear bearings -;=89
6 x 6mm smooth rods -;=89
6 x 624ZZ bearings (also have 6 x 12mm bearing from R/C shop that look like they may work) -;=89
1 x 170mm diameter borosilicate glass x 3mm -


3 x Nema 17 Stepper Motor - Wantai 42BYGHW811 is visible in photo.
1 x Extruder stepper motor - TBD (RichRap recommends - Always try to use a 1.7A or 2.5A motor for your extruder - DRV8825 will handle up to 2A)
1 x RUMBA board - (including DRV 8825 drivers + fan + SD adaptor + wiring)
1 x Smart XXL Display -
3 x Hall effect end stops inc magnets -

BOM from