Traditionally I've always blogged about software related stuff here at and left blogging about my other hobbies for one of the many other sites that I have (or used to have).

As time has gone on I've found that I have less time to run a multitude of sites, especially as in general none of the sites are what you would consider successful. This in part is my own doing as I have always refused to try and leverage the sites popularity to earn money from advertising, instead preferring the nice clean look of an ad-free site. And so over time, my available time to contribute to keeping sites updated had dwindled and so many of the sites have simply faded out, to be no more.

As regular visitors would know, I have a bit of a soft spot for this particular site, and so have decided that as I don't really have anywhere to wax lyrical about some of the other things that I am into, I might as well post about them right here.

I do still run a bunch of other sites, and a bunch of Facebook pages as well, which are of course the natural progression of the traditional blog site and the reason that many of my other pages have now closed, but there are quite a few hobbies that I still pursue that are no longer covered by the sites that I run.

So I have decided to break with tradition and post about some of this stuff here.

It's not that I am a narcissist or anything, but have always enjoyed blogging about stuff, especially if it helps others.

So do not be surprised if you see some left field stuff posted here from this point onwards, it's simply just that I have decided to amalgamate my efforts and integrate everything into one single site.

Watch this space...