Been undertaking a bit of spring cleaning and updating some of my websites so decided to clean things up a bit here. I've fixed the broken downloads page and added all of the premium website mods that I used to sell in the webstore.

Reviewing these files also brought up the DMCMS files, So I added them back in too.

Out of interest I thought I'd do a google and see what it turned up. It still comes up in search results for source forge and a few other places but there was no listing in the wikipedia list of content management systems.

So... for the sake of history and nostalgia I decided to create an entry. Who knows maybe in 50 years time my kids will stumble across it and wonder.

I've never added anything to wikipedia before, so not sure if it will be accepted or not so it will be interesting to see if my submission cuts the mustard (as they say).

Guess I will have to wait and see.