Just figuring out how to use Jekyll and migrate my existing page here from DeeEmm.com now that I have migrated my blog here from DeeEmm.com

I’m so used to editing in HTML, gonna have to get used to markup. To be honest I’m not sure what’s best, after all HTML is itself markup language. I kinda like the purity of HTML and CSS, even though I entrust my web site to a CMS (which is pretty much like cheating)

So I guess that moving to jekyll is probably halfway between the two. Not quite as pure as writing in HTML & CSS, but not quite as dirty as using a CMS.

I’m also telling myself that this move is going to reignite my blog a little. I do lots of projects on many different things, many of which I ‘blog’ about elsewhere. So I would like to start posting more of that stuff here.

For example, I have a bunch of Github projects that I never really include here, so moving ‘here’ to Github should really mean that I include those kind of projects a lot more.

I guess we will see.

Right now I have to migrate images and write some scripts to change a whole bunch of dead links in my EasyBlog import, but the main content is at least here. Once everything is fixed up I’ll point my domain here and get rid of the old site. One less site and server to have to worry about.

BTW. I’m writing this in ‘Prose’, an online editor. It’s kinda cool. Nice and clean, no distractions, just a very basic source editor, it has a preview button and a save button and that’s about it. I think I might grow to like this. :)

EDIT: I edited the post in a regular text editor after I cloned it locally. In fact I edited it in ‘Nova’ the brand new editor from Panic (the people who brought you Coda). But more on that in another post. It’s quite nice editing in a text editor. I feel like I’m coding, more than I feel like I’m writing a blog post. (which is kinda cool).