We are please to announce that our online store is now live.

At present we are in the process of uploading all of our modifications to the new store, so some products may not be visible yet, but we hope to have this completed within the next day or so.

We have added support the PayPal payment gateway, so it is possible to purchase products using either your PayPal account or credit card via the PayPal website. We may expand the supported gateways in the future to include additional providers, so if you have specific requirements or wish to suggest a particular solution, please feel free to leave us a suggestion.

Will keep you updated of the progress.

Update: The checkout process has now been updated to automatically grant access to the helpdesk on successful checkout. Those buyers who purchase DeeEmm mods from the Boonex Marketplace currently need to manually join and ask for helpdesk permissions to be added. We are looking to automate this in the near future.