It's been a very busy week here in the software office. Hot on the heels of the recent Flat Comments and Group Forum Posts Block mods, we have a further three - yes that's THREE!! new mods available in the store, plus a re-released oldie.

Whats more, three of the mods are free!

The first mod is a re-release of our Login redirect mod for Dolphin 6. Whilst this has been available for download over at, for some reason it was omitted from the store, so we added it in. You can download it HERE

Next up is Auto Friend on Join. This is another Dolphin 6 mod that has been updated to work with Dolphin 7. The Mod automatically adds a friend to the joining members profile - a bit like Tom on myspace. This mod differs a little as it will add select the friend it adds based on the gender of the joining member. It can be set  to add either a friend of the same sex, or opposite sex. Get it HERE

Whilst we was fixing the Auto Friend on Join mod up for Dolphin 7, we decided to tweak it a little so that it could be used to automatically make the new member a fan of a group. The original idea came from a Boonex Unity member who wanted this on their site, so we decided to write it up for him. Get it HERE

The last mod is a premium mod. It's an updated version of the Flat comments mod recently released for Dolphin 6. The mod has been updated for the Dolphin 7 platform. The mod is exactly the same - it converts all nested comments into a flat comment structure and prevents further threaded comments from being entered. For more details, you can view it in the store by clicking HERE

Hope you enjoy these three free mods, and keep a watch out for some more mods being released soon.