Something new is happening. 

The past few weeks I have been rejigging all of my sites, services and applications so that they all now fall under the banner of my company Indau. The reason for this is that there was no direct correlation between each of the products. This autonomy also failed to leverage a very important commodity - diversity.

By associating all of my different products with my company, it demonstrates the diversity in the work that I do, and therefore work that the company is able to provide. It helps sell my services. 

The reshuffle is partially due to expansion in a new direction, it also helps me to delineate paying projects from hobby projects. Not that hobby projects are without value, indeed the opposite is true.  Whilst undertaking the reshuffle I also decided to revive  my long suffering content management system. DMCMS. The reason for this is partially because I want to play with the fantastic tools on offer by the guys at Atlassian, but also because it deserves to live on.

After a quick review of the code with a fresh mind, the roadblock that prevented the version 1 release is readily apparent, the multi language support was weighing the code down and preventing progress. The first job is therefore to remove the bloat associated with the multi-language support and provide a functioning version 1 release.

To give DMCMS a new lease of life, and an identity of it's own I have registered so that it can reside in it's own space, with no distractions from the crap that goes on here at

It might take a few days to get things up and running but considering that there has been no movement on DMCMS in about 2 years I'm sure that should not be a problem.