Just a very quick tutorial this time.

i was looking for a way to create a block that didn't have the normal border and header so that I could add in my own custom HTML. After looking through the code, this is very easy to do - in fact it doesn;t even really need a modification (well not in the traditional sense of the word).

Basically what you need to do is this...

  1. Go to the Page Builder in the admin interface
  2. Create a block by dragging the 'Simple HTML' sample into position.
  3. Add your HTML / text etc, give it a meaningful caption and save it
  4. Now you will need to get access to your database by using something like phpMyAdmin.
  5. Go to the 'Page Compose' table and find the entry for your newly added block - TIP look for the same caption
  6. Now edit this record so that the value of 'Design Box' is 0
  7. Now you can checkout your new border-less block by viewing your site in a browser.