If you would like to automatically apply membership levels to new members, then this mod is for you.

This can also be useful when wanting to differentiate between different member groups - ie - making all female members of a female only member group. Both methods are shown below.

in profile_activate.php


//Promotional membership
if ( getParam('enable_promotion_membership') == 'on' )
$memership_days = getParam('promotion_membership_days');
setMembership( $p_arr['Couple'], MEMBERSHIP_ID_PROMOTION, $memership_days, true );

add underneath

setMembership( $p_arr['ID'], MEMBERSHIP_GROUP_ID, 0, true );

Change MEMBERSHIP_GROUP_ID to the ID of the group you want members to automatically become a member of. You can get this by looking in the sys_acl_levels database table.

If you wish to target a specific type of member - for example females, then you need to determine which type the new member belongs to. In this case instead of the code above, use the following code instead.

if ($p_arr['Sex'] == 'female') {
setMembership( $p_arr['ID'], FEMALE_MEMBERSHIP_ID, 0, true )

Simply change $p_arr['Sex'] to whatever profile field you wish to check for, this also includes any custom profile fields that you have added.