Currently the following limitations should be noted

  1. Only standard Dolphin tables will be imported. Modified tables may not work.
  2. The joomla admin user you created on installation is copied to userid 9999999.
  3. You can use this user id to log into the administration panel.
  4. Dolphin user #1 is made into a superadmin (user #1 is normally admin)
  5. Old passwords will not work. All user passwords will need to be reset via the password reset function
  6. Facebook connect will need to be set up again -  Please note - default settings will pull data in from facebook (avatar etc) so you might want to check these first.
  7. Old URL's will not work so SEO will be affected. A php file is included to redirect URLS. This must be called from htaccess
  8. Forum view counts will be zero as this is not recorded in Dolphin