{jcomments off}Trying to get the latest incarnation of DMCMS ready for release seems to be a never ending battle. Just when I thought that I had it licked something else crops up - and guess what!! - it's yet another IE flaw / bug / idiosynchracy. After redesigning the admin interface into a nice tabbed affair that put everything on one page in an easy to digest format I then find that it doesn't work in explorer. Phah - seems to be about par for the course recently.

Now whilst this is really frustrating I wont declare to hate IE and it's odd renderings, after all, being a Firefox protagonist I am in the minority. IE is also the browser that I first discovered the internet on, so I must at least owe it something.

My day today is being spent at home, which is great as I get to spend some time trying to finish the 0.8.0.beta release off whilst heating is being installed in the house. It's also great as I am now within swearing distance of an internet connection so I can try out some of the stuff that requires connectivity to the world wide wobble (such as user registration verification).

I've decided to load the latest offerings onto my webserver at home and test everything out, first thing I wanted to do was create a new CVS branch for my source repository - pretty easy stuff. Then I check out the latest branch as a release so that I can load it onto the server and update the existing DMCMS test installation.


There seems to be lots of extra files and folders in the released data - stuff that had been previously deleted (and commited). TSK.

Try as hard as I might I can't seem to get a release without the extra files.

I dont recall this happening before.

Phah - yet another diversion to keep me from acheiving the goal of getting this thing finished off.

I may yet give up.



I 'fixed' the issue of the old file / folder remains by creating a new CVS module only containing the new files. I apologise to those of you who have been checking out files from the dmcms module - you will now need to redirect your CVS clients to point at dmcms_080. But hey - maybe a new module for each release is a good idea??