At long last the Nautilus script is ready and available for public consumption.

I have now finished writing the script and the accompanying URL rewrite script and have extensively tested it on my own Dolphin to JomSocial migration. There are still a couple of minor bugs, but the script is functioning and is able to be used and has worked flawlessly in my own migration.

I have also updated the site to include all info correlated and in one place. You will now find all of the info related to Nautilus in the products section.

Installation is as easy as creating an instance of JomSocial in a subdirectory of your Dolphin site, copying the Nautilus script across and running it. You can then tweak your template and make whatever other modifications you need before committing to overwriting your old Dolphin installation.

Included is a rewrite script, which when coupled with a single call from your htaccess file will redirect all of the old Dolphin URLs to point at the new JomSocial locations. perfect for maintaining SEO rankings and preventing broken links to media shared offsite. You can easily enable permanent or temporary redirects, so it is easy to test before committing to permanently redirect.

Support is offered here on the site via the discussion section. We are also happy to help you with JomSocial and Joomla so feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

As usual, all feedback is welcomed, as are any bug reports that you may have. Please also let us know of any success you have as well.

Good luck, and welcome to freedom from the fish script.