I'm using the woocommerce deposits plugin with DotStore product-attachment plugin but noted that the partially paid order status was not included in the available selections.

After some digging I found that the radio buttons are controlled within the following file...


Specifically around lines 950 and 1375. All that was left was to determine what the order status for a partially paid order was.

After sone digging around in the woocommerce deposits plugin I discovered that the status is 'wc-partial-payment', All that was left to do was to create extra radio buttons in the code and assign them the new 'wc-partial-payment' order status.

at about line 976 an extra list element. Just slot it in after the list element for the 'completed' status.

                    <li><label for="wcpoa_wc_partial_payment">
                    <input name="wcpoa_order_status[<?php 
                    echo  esc_attr( $wcpoa_attachments_id ) ;
                    class="" value="wcpoa-wc-partial-payment" type="checkbox"
                    if ( !is_null( $wcpoa_order_status ) && in_array( 'wcpoa-wc-partial-payment', $wcpoa_order_status, true ) ) {
                        echo  'checked="checked"' ;
                    esc_html_e( 'Partially Paid', $plugin_txt_domain );


and again at 1413

                    <label for="wcpoa_wc_partial_payment">
                    <input name="wcpoa_order_status[]" class=""
            esc_html_e( 'Partial Payment', $plugin_txt_domain );

Now downloads can be selected to be made available after customers have made partial payment.