Not sure I like using as my jekyll editor.

Just lost the last rather large post I wrote into the ether. I have no idea where it went. Nothing in the drafts folder, nothing in the posts folder, nothing at all.

Guess I need to get used to a different workflow if I want to use Prose as my editor. With a local copy > commit style workflow I always have the local copy. But when using prose, if the post sufers a build failure when it is committed, then you are left with nothing. No local draft, no committed copy. Nothing.

So the best workflow when using Prose as your only editor is to add the title, the meta and then commit the post as a draft before adding any content. This way if there is something it dosn’t like, like a malformed date in my case (pesky spelling errors), then you haven’t lost about 2 hours work

Damn you Jekyll. Where’s my emoticons. :(

EDIT: After updating my editor to the new Panic Nova Editor I’ve decided that the easiest, safest way to maintain the site is is by good old fashioned Git using Nova. After all, that’s what the original idea was - clean, no distractions, ‘no magic’ editing in a text editor. Plus the Git interface in Nova is much easier to use than the one in Coda.

I think prose still has its place, after all it’s pretty accessible, but whilst I’m sitting here at my desktop I think that using a text editor is the purest way to blog. Plus I get spelling correction, which prose lacks.